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2023 Retro Red Christmas New Year Edition 复古红圣诞新春后扣内衣

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2022 Christmas New Year Product Features:

1. The main fabric is a high-elastic interlayer, which is comfortable, soft, elastic and inclusive. In addition, Lycra spandex with remarkable resilience is added, which stretches and shrinks sensitively and naturally, and is tight but not tight.

2. Fashionable deep V neckline design, and covered with soft cotton wavy mesh to increase sexiness and beauty. Slightly transparent, natural and stylish, more feminine and plump.

3. The hem adopts non-marking soft support, smart W staggered design, enhances stability and prevents displacement, gathers the support to fit smoothly, effectively tightens the auxiliary breasts, and presents a perfect breast shape. Anti-slip strips are added to the side wings on both sides to strengthen the stability and make the non-marking effect even more outstanding.

4. The cotton cup adopts a three-dimensional round design of water droplets, which gently covers and caresses the breasts, and the natural supporting cup shape is firm, effectively preventing sagging.

5. Adjustable shoulder straps to meet different body shapes. Invisible back buckle design on the back panel, four levels for free adjustment of tightness, slim, flexible and smooth to the skin, showing a seamless and charming back immediately.

6. Free exquisite underwear of the same series. Its crotch is made of seaweed cloth fabric, which has antibacterial and anti-melanin effects. The side bones are spliced with light and breathable mesh, weaving the beauty of light and shadow from different angles for you. Anti-slip strips are cleverly added around the foot, so that the hips will not be pinched and the position will not be lost. It is comfortable, beautiful and confident to wear.

2022圣诞新春款工艺特点描述: 复古红

1. 主面料为高弹夹层,舒适柔软弹韧包容。另添回弹性能显著的莱卡氨纶,伸 缩灵敏自然,紧致而不紧勒。

2.时尚深V领口设计,并以棉柔波浪网纱交叉轻覆,增加性感与美感。视觉微透 自然有型,更显女性丰润柔美。

3.下摆采用无痕软支撑,智慧W交错设计,增强稳固性防移位,聚拢提托流畅贴 合,有效收紧副乳,呈现完美胸型。两边侧翼均加入防滑条,巩固稳定性能, 令无痕效果更加出众。

4.棉杯采用水滴立体型圆润设计,轻柔包覆呵护胸部,自然承托杯型稳固,有 效防止下垂。

5.可调节式肩带,满足不同身型。后幅隐形背扣设计,四档可供自由调节松紧, 纤巧灵活平顺贴肤,立显无痕迷人后背。

6.赠送同系列精致底裤。其裆部采用海藻布面料,具有抗菌抗黑色素效果。侧 骨拼接轻盈透气网纱,为你织造不同角度的光影之美。脚口整圈巧加防滑条, 不夹臀不跑位,穿着舒心美观自信。

Each box contains:

1. Retro Red Bra
2. Stylist underwear

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